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Abrasives, Adhesives & Shop Supplies
Abrasives, Adhesives, & Shop Supplies

Abrasives, Adhesives & Shop Supplies

  Item # Description Size  BoxQty Price Cart    Picture

2" Prep Pads, Brown Course


3" Prep Pads, Brown Course


2" Sand Pads

36 grt25/pkg22.00

3" Sand Pads

36 grt25/pkg34.00

3" Cutoff Wheels

3/8 x 3 x 1/16"10/pkg12.00

2" Roloc Adapter

2" 7.00

3" Roloc Adapter

3" 7.00
 Cutoff Air Tool, 3 x 3/8"60 day waranty 18.00

Fiberglass Hand Brush

14" 4.00

Cone Brush w 1/4" arbor

3 1/4" 5.95

Cone Brush w 1/4" arbor

2 1/2" 3.00
 2 7/8" Rnd Brush w 1/4" arbor2 7/8" 3.00
Abrasives, Prep Pads, Cuttoff Wheels, Roloc Adapters
Abrasives, Prep Pads, Cuttoff Wheels, Roloc Adapters
Wire Brushes

Mini Fuse Assortment & Electrical Connector Assortment


ATM Mini Fuse Asortment


ATC Fuse Asortment


Electrical Connector Asortment


Cotter Pin Asortment

Electrical Connector Asortment, Cotter Pin Asortment, Mini Fuse Asortment

Black ORing Assortments, Green ORing Assortments

 Std ORing AssortmentStandard382/cnt15.00
 Mtrc ORing AssortmentMetric397/cnt15.00
 Std Green ORing AssrtStandard225/cnt12.00
 Mtrc Green ORing AssrtMetric225/cnt12.00
Metric ORing Assortments, Standard ORing Assortments

Tie Straps


8" Tie Straps


11" Tie Straps


15" Tie Straps


24" Tie Straps


Electrical Connectors, Heat Shrink Connectors, Insulated Wire


Red Butt Connectors

vinyl, 16 ga100/pkg8.00

Blu Butt Connectors

vinyl, 14 ga100/pkg8.00

Yel Butt Connectors

vinyl, 12ga100/pkg12.00

3/8 Yel Eye Connectors

vinyl, 12 ga100/pkg14.00

1/4 Blue Eye Connectors

vinyl, 14 ga100/pkg12.00

1/4 Yel Eye Connectors

vinyl, 12 ga100/pkg12.00

Female Blu Spade Connectors

vinyl, 14ga100/pckg10.00

Male Blu Spade Connectors

vinyl, 14 ga100/pkg10.00

Red Heat Shrink Connectors

Heat Shrnk10/pkg4.00

Blu Heat Shrink Connectors

Heat Shrnk10/pkg4.00

Yel Heat Shrink Connectors

Heat Shrnk10/pkg5.00

Electrical Tape, Wire && Heat Shrink Tube


Electrical Tape


12 ga Wire, Black

 100 ft/roll29.95

12 ga Wire, Red

 100 ft/roll29.95

14 ga Wire, Black

 100 ft/roll19.95

14 ga Wire, Red

 100 ft/roll19.95

16 ga Wire, Black

 100 ft/roll15.95

16 ga Wire, Red

 100 ft/roll15.95

Heat Shrink Tube

12"9 ft/pkg3.00

Battery Ends


Top Post Battery Ends


Side Post Battery Ends

Tie Straps
Electrical Connectors
Heat Shrink Connectors
Electrical Tape, Heat Shrink Tubing, Electrical Insulated Wire
Top Post Battery Ends, Side Post Battery Ends

Automotive Light Bulbs, Halogen Light Bulbs


9003 Halogen Light Bulbs


9004 Halogen Light Bulbs


9005 Halogen Light Bulbs


9006 Halogen Light Bulbs


9007 Halogen Light Bulbs


Rough Service Light Bulbs


3156 Light Bulbs


3157 Light Bulbs


3157 NA Light Bulbs

 3357 Light Bulbs 10/pkg12.00
 3457 Light Bulbs 10/pkg12.00
 194 Light Bulbs 10/pkg5.00
 194 NA Light Bulbs 10/pkg5.00
 1156 Light Bulbs 10/pkg5.00
 1157 Light Bulbs 10/pkg5.00
 906 Light Bulbs 10/pkg7.00
Quartz Halogen Light Bulbs
Rough Service Light Bulbs
Automotive Light Bulbs, Auto Light Bulbs, Turn Signal Light Bulbs

Adhesives : Silicon, Muffler Cement, Wetherstrip

 Hgh Temp Black Silicon12 oz 8.00
 Muffler Cement12 oz 7.00
 Quick Steel5 oz 5.95
 Wetherstrip6 oz 4.95
Muffler Cement, Silicon, Quick Steel, Wetherstrip
   Notes:   Prices subject to change without reguard to any time factor.