Xtra Seal Truck Tire Patches & Safety Seal Tire Plugs

Radial Tire Patches & Hand Tools
We supply Safety Seal tire plugs along with Xtra Seal truck tire patches, radial tire patches, patch plugs, patch cement, bead sealer, rubber buffing compound and a full line of tire repair hand tools. To view or purchase Safety Seal tire plugs or Xtra Seal Tire Plugs, Xtra Seal Tire Patches, click here. - Xtra Seal Truck Tire Patches -

Radial Tire Patches Monthly Special  - Radial Tire Patches + Hand Tools - $49.00

-- 2" Radial Tire Patches, 25/box
-- 3" Radial Tire Patches, 15/box
-- 8oz Vulcanizing Cement (flamable)
-- 2 5/8" Cone Brush w 1/4" arbor
-- Double Ended Core Remover
-- 2 Paint Stix (chalk)
-- Hand Brush - 13"
-- Stitcher

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We are happy to announce our new Monthly Blog Specials page, where we display any overstock or especially popular items for truck tire repair. Like our "Ken Tool" line of truck tire repair tools and our Xtra seal line of truck tire repair patches. Next month were going to add brass and nickle plated truck tire valve stems. To view all of our monthly specials click here

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