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#1 How to Fix Truck Tires By Hand

a. Fill tire with air. Determine the size of hole to choose the right size Xtra Seal truck tire patches or Safety Seal tire plugs

b. If small nail hole plug the tire with 8" Safety Seal Tire Plugs & Insert Tools

c. If large hole apply Xtra Seal Truck Tire Patches

d. Remove valve core with core remover

e. Dismount tire with Ken Tool Truck Tire Repair Tools

f. Inspect the damage, choose what size patch to use.

g. Clean patch area, grind the inside with brush

h. Spread vulcanizing patch cement (flamable)

i. Lay patch with stitcher

j. Clean the rim with a wire hand brush or grinder.

k. Remount the tire with Ken Tool Truck Tire Repair Tools

l. Bead tire, apply mounting compound & spray the inside with starting fluid.

m. Fill with air, check preassure


#2   Basic Truck Tire Repair Tools
#3   Basic Auto Tire Repair Tools

How to Fix Truck Tires By Hand
by Ozioscilator

It's never real easy to fix a truck tire, but you can save some time and energy if you have the proper tools and use some energy saving tips. The first step is determining the size of the hole or damage to determine whether to use an 8" Safety Seal Tire Plug or Xtra Seal Truck Tire Patches.

a) Fill the tire with air and apply water to the tire surface and to the tire bead of the rim. If the tire is flat and needs beading, you could try filling with air, packing the bead with Rema Mounting Compound, Murphy Soap or grease, or spraying the inside of the tire with starting fluid and then igniting, to explode the tire to bead. Any one or a combination of these methods should get the job done.

b) Once the tire is filled with air, and you have found the hole by spraying the tire with water, mark the hole or damage with chalk or paint stix. For a nail hole, you could use an 8" Safety Seal Tire Plugs with their 8" Insert Tool and 8" T-Probe, to fix the tire.

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If the hole is small you might try drilling the hole first. Some will put the T-Probe needle into a drill, to help probe the hole before inserting the tire plug. Just make sure you probe the tire, to push the steal belts out of the way, so the insert needle doesn't catch a steal belt, which can break the insert needle.

c) However, if the damage is a slit rather then a nail hole, you will have to patch the tire from the inside.

d) First remove the valve core with a core remover tool to release the air. Now you can start dismounting the tire from the rim.

e) The tire has tobe removed from the rim with mount/dismount tire irons, spoons and bead breaker hammers. Ken Tool makes the finest mount/dismount tools, for most truck tires a 37" Ken Tool T45A Tire Iron, 30" Ken Tool T19A Spoon and a Ken Tool TG11E Tire Wedge can be used to dismount the tire from the rim. You can purchase Ken Tool Truck Tire Repair Tools for as little as $208.

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With the Ken Tool TG11E tire wedge, you can first break the tire bead from the rim, then it is an easy process to using the 37" Ken Tool T45A tire iron for the initial removal starting point and the 30" Ken Tool T19A spoon to continue prying the tire from the rim. When you finish prying one side of the tire from the rim, slide the rim up to the second side and dismount the second side from the rim.

f) With the tire removed from the rim inspect the damage to choose what size patch to use. There are many sizes to choose from Xtra Seal Truck Tire Patches.
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The two most popular sizes can be purchased for $56 for 1 box of 20 patches and 1 box of 10.

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Once you have chosen what size patch to use, you can start preping the tire surface.

g) Prep the tire surface by grinding or removing the grey film or silicon resin, used by the tire manufacturers to remove the tires from the dyes more easily. The patch cement will not stick to this grey film and it has tobe removed entirely from the tire patch surface. In all cases, the resin has to be ground, with wire brushes or sanding pads, to the raw tire. Xtra Seal also puts out a 32 oz buffer solution that can be applied after grinding, to make extra sure that all the silicon resin is removed from the patch area. In some cases you might need a portable truck tire spreader, to make the patch area more easily accessable.

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h) When the patch area is clean, you can apply the vulcanizing cement (flammable) to the cleaned surface, light the cement to burn off any petroleum, that keeps the cement liquid.

i) Now apply the patch to the cemented area by rolling the patch with the stitcher tool.

j) Clean the rim with a wire hand brush or grinder to remove any buildup.

You can get all the tools needed to prep and apply patches in a "Patch Repair Tool Kit", including patches for $49.00.

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k) Remount the tire with the tire iron and spoon, fill with air until the tire beads to the rim.

l) Beading can be achieved with air, applying mounting compound or grease, and or spraying the inside with starting fluid and igniting to explode the tire to the rim.

m) Continue filling with air and check the tire preasure to specs, and your done.
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